I’m Tracy Thomas, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and fertility expert. I do backflips about nutrition, because it healed me and so many of my clients!


Just a few short years ago, I was 34 years old and in the prime of my life - eating healthily, exercising daily, and living a relatively stress-free life, so when I started thinking about getting pregnant, everyone said how easy I'd have it.


But under the surface, I knew deep down that something was off. I had had a stroke 10 years earlier and the doctors could not determine the cause other than “perhaps” that being on birth control pills made my blood clot. While I had been off of them for a decade, the hormones in birth control pills mimic those of pregnancy. Was there some part of my body chemistry that did not mesh well with pregnancy? Was that my body’s way of saying that pregnancy is not a good idea for me?


I was also on two prescription pills for over a decade that were supposed to make me “healthy”, but I always feared that a pill designed to stop my body’s natural functioning couldn’t be all that healthy after all. Yet, I was so fearful of the symptoms returning, that I just stuck my head in the sand and took them religiously.

Not to mention that I had followed every fad diet under the sun to become healthy, but those diets all involved eating foods stripped of their natural properties like soy “beef” and carb-free "bread".


For months, I would agonize: "Was my body even a safe place to grow a baby? Had all of these dietary and lifestyle choices contributed to my stroke? What else were they doing to my body? Was the stroke just a first red flag that there was actually something much bigger going on? Would my health and the health of my baby be jeopardized by another stroke if I had all those hormones running through my body again? Could pregnancy even happen?"


I was surrounded by friends and acquaintances who appeared to be healthy, yet when they tried to get pregnant, they just couldn’t… We were at that point in our lives when we all started to want to start our families, yet almost every single one of them seemed stuck in cycles of failed pregnancy test after failed pregnancy test. Not to mention the devastation of the women who experienced miscarriages or babies born sick from the get go, without full brain capacity or with learning delays. Something deep in my soul told me that despite my best efforts to be healthy, I didn’t believe that I was... and I didn’t want to put a baby in me until I knew exactly what I needed.


Then one day, almost by a twist of fate, I met one of the great masters in holistic nutrition, and discovered a completely different way to approach the human body.


Under her direction, she guided me through a life-changing shake-up to the way I viewed the human body and food and our basic physiology. My thirst for her knowledge was insatiable and I immediately enrolled in nutrition school, and read every book cover to cover, along with all the optional books, and optional homework! I could NOT get enough!


My mom still laughs at how on our Christmas vacation that year, the family was all reading magazines and and playing frisbee by the beach, while I sat in a lounge chair unable to put down “Why Stomach Acid is Good For You”!


My mentors and teachers all told me that I should not try to get pregnant for 3 months after starting on my own personal program, so my body could reset and have the best chance for a healthy environment to conceive.


Well 3 months to the week, on Valentine’s day of 2014, I got the double lines, and sure enough I was pregnant!


I couldn’t believe it. I used to spend hours each day agonizing over whether I was even able to get pregnant, but now I was listening to my baby’s heartbeat - and watching her grow in my belly! Now I have a perfectly healthy little girl who is vibrant, strong and hitting every milestone.

Now with thousands of hours of experience and training, I’ve realized that nearly all diseases, chronic ​illnesses and of course infertility are completely explainable in the context of what we put into our bodies. Infertility should not be common. Chronically sick children should not be common. We are doing it wrong by treating symptoms and not addressing the root causes. It's time to live vibrantly the way we were designed to live!


I received my credentialing as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) from the Nutritional Therapy Association and am a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner (CGP). I hold a Master’s Degree from UC Santa Barbara, and am working on my PhD in Natural Medicine.


When I’m not further educating myself on health and nutrition or cooking delicious, nutrient-dense meals for my family, I’m usually outdoors enjoying the beauty of Santa Barbara, CA or up the Sierras hiking and skiing!