Patricia R.

San Mateo, CA

This program is fantastic for any woman looking to take control of her body in a holistic way. It is easy to follow and it will give you the how and why as to what dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to support your fertility. I can't say enough about Tracy's program...But nothing speaks louder than results and I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with our first child! 

Alexis B.

Santa Barbara, CA

I would highly recommend Tracy's program! She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and why your body reacts the way it does to certain foods. After the first class I knew exactly what I needed to change in my diet. Tracy took the guess work out of what foods to buy to get the proper nutrients by providing a complete list with brand names and easy recipes. I was trying to get pregnant with baby number two and Tracy put together a customized list of what foods and vitamins I needed to take every day. She is a wealth of knowledge and so passionate about helping people. I looked forward to each module every week! And by the way, I got pregnant with Baby #2 just 7 weeks into the program!

Nikki W.

Carpinteria, CA

After a year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant I started working with Tracy to learn more about nutrition for fertility & fetal development. One month later we found out we were pregnant with our first child! The tools I learned through her program were such a blessing throughout my pregnancy. I learned what nutrients I needed daily for optimum fetal development and to keep me nourished. It's forever changed my perspective on the dangers of sugar versus the benefits of good fats.  I'm convinced that the information I learned in her program not only got me pregnant with my healthy baby girl but also lead to me feeling great throughout my pregnancy.

Janeen S.

Santa Cruz, CA

Tracy's program not only include a comprehensive understanding into the physiology behind her research, broken down into easily digestible steps, but she also provides personalized solutions for each student and their families.  My entire household has been greatly blessed by simple additions nutritionally to our daily routine to fortify and balance our systems.  Thank you Tracy!!

Julia B

Salt Lake City, UT

I would absolutely recommend Tracy for any and all wellness advice, source of knowledge and guidance to achieve an everyday healthy balance. Tracy is passionate about health and wellness in all the right ways. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and has a contagious enthusiasm about sharing it with everyone she meets. Her program was engaging and extremely helpful in answering my questions about food as medicine. I feel like I have a better grasp on my diet and how my everyday eating choices effect my health. I especially loved her lessons about healing the gut. Super amazing information! Thanks Tracy! 

Julie G.

Torrance, CA

As someone who does a lot of reading on the topics of health and fitness, I consider myself pretty well versed on a lot of related topics. However, Tracy takes this to a whole new level. I found her program to be not just informative but also entertaining. She presents her information in a very organized manner, but she isn't just regurgitating facts. Tracy has a genuinely adept understanding of how the body's processes work, how they can sometimes work against you, and exactly how to bring yourself back into an ideal state of health. I've taken away very valuable insights from every one of her courses I have attended, and recommend her program highly. 

Eva M.

Los Angeles, CA

For years I felt “yuck” and was frustrated that everything I tried from doctors’ recommendations to trendy quick fixes failed to heal.  Her program provided the necessary background information on health, body processes, and wellness so that I could be more intentional on my journey towards optimal health!  Based on her recommendations, I was able to make simple changes to my lifestyle and diet.  I feel fantastic! I have more energy, fewer cravings, and sleep great!  Her knowledge of natural remedies has been invaluable! Thank you Tracy!"

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